Horoscope for Leos Every Week

Greetings, Leo, and welcome to your weekly horoscope! On Tuesday mornings (local time),

we will always provide your weekly horoscope right here on this page. Overview (everyone): 

As of this week, the planet Venus will be moving into the sign of Gemini, 

which symbolizes communication and sociability. It's the ideal moment to meet new people and broaden your network

especially now that Mercury has finally moved into Taurus and begun its direct motion after a trying three weeks. Have fun.

This week, Leo, you'll be able to make the most of your inherent charisma and social talents.

You should brace yourself for the intense want to spend time with your pals and have some fun! 

This presents the ideal chance for you to indulge your inner child, add joy and laughter into your regular routines