Hello Weekly Horoscope!

Lower yourself, Aries! Mercury enters the safety zone governed by Taurus on Monday

 assisting you to center yourself, prioritize embodiment, and live according to your values

The Full Moon in Libra on Thursday has a chemistry of opposites attracting, inviting new relationships, deepening the ones you're in, and/or concluding dynamics that have served their purpose.

Use your language, Taurus! Mercury enters and remains in your sign for several weeks, enabling you to recalibrate your approach to mindfulness

 The Full Moon in Libra on Thursday compels you to consider how the content of your relationships contributes to your well-being and how your people enhance your health.

Let it go, Gemini! Mercury enters your Taurus-ruled closure sector on Monday, assisting you in releasing limiting beliefs, patterns

Thursday's Full Moon in Libra encourages you to share your aspirations, fears, dreams, and desires with someone who truly needs to hear them.

The Full Moon in Libra on Thursday helps you find emotionally secure persons and places. Consider the concept of "home" as an emotion and how it can be found both internally and externally.