Heartbreak-prone Zodiac Signs

You may get along well with one Taurus but clash utterly with another.

There is no universal rule that applies to all individuals, and the same holds true for zodiac signs.

Some of these patterns indicate that some zodiac signs are more prone to jealously in relationships, whereas others are more prone to anger or distrust.

Geminis are well-known for their straightforward demeanor, which can occasionally come across as frigid or blunt.

Gemini will spiral into an irrational frenzy. The zodiac sign eLibra is the most unexpected heartbreaker.

Surprisingly, their propensity to abandon their partners originates from their romantic and dramatic nature.

Even when they are aware that they are acting illogically, which can cause pandemonium in their romantic relationships.

Gemini is sociable enough to charm, but also intelligent enough to maintain silence or lie when necessary.