He Doesn't Love You, Only Using You

He’s very charming

John might make a fortune as a salesman. Most guys who utilize girls for money, sex, or connections are charming because they know it will make people give them things.

 He makes you fight for his attention.

Many guys who utilize girls like watching girls chase them, beg for their attention, and gratify them. This behavior constitutes abuse.

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Healthy relationships respect boundaries. If he complains about boundaries or asks you to drop one, dump him.

He tries to push your boundaries or persuade you to bend for him.

 He's spoiled.

Does he assume people should do things for him because he's there? Entitlement and using are linked.

 He “didn’t think you’d mind” taking stuff without asking.

He understood. He didn't care and thought asking for forgiveness was easier than asking for it.

Users dislike when walking ATMs or "quick lays" cease distributing products. They will do whatever it takes to keep that line open, even reacting adversely to your no to "train" you to do what they want.

 He stops talking, cold shoulders

My folks said an ex was a con man. I should have listened sooner. Thankfully, I dumped him and things worked out.

People say they're scared he's using you.

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