Foods That The Royal Family Doesn't Eat

There may be few things as delightful as a plate of beef carpaccio doused in fresh lime juice — or a rare filet mignon paired with a mushroom glaze.

Rare Or Raw Meats

The royal family is famous for its sandwich consumption. Queen Elizabeth II, in particular, is famous for her love of jam pennies.

Square Sandwiches

Queen Elizabeth II was known to enjoy fresh truffles. Nevertheless, she banned her kitchen staff from ordering more.

Fresh Truffles

British royals are expected to attend a whole lot of events. Because they represent the crown, working royals must do charity work, attend fundraisers.


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As a huge environmentalist, Charles has done a lot of work to fight global warming. Over the years.

Foie Gras

Crab legs or lobster risotto might sound like dishes fit for a king, but they are not always eaten by the royal family.


Queen Elizabeth II was a huge fan of strawberries. According to former royal chef Darren McGrady, the queen loved the berries grown at one of her estates

Genetically-Modified Fruits