Fast & Effective Height-Growing Exercises

Hang for 30 seconds at least 2-3 times a day to start this height development workout. Gradually increase sets and duration. 


Skipping is a great home height-increasing workout. Jumping rope strengthens and lengthens legs, which increases height. 


Jump squats might enhance height. Height is increased by this lower body activity. It resembles squats. Jump up and squat. 

Jump squats

Swimming may also spice up your height-gain workout. Swimming courses for youngsters to grow taller are common.


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How to handle water phobia or inability to swim? Try dry-land swimming. It's a swimming-like activity where you alternate your legs and hands. You do it on the floor instead of water.

Dry-land Swim

Height-increasing seated exercises are next. Sitting upright and spreading your legs in front of you is the forward spine stretch. Keep them together as long as possible. 

Forward Spine Stretch

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