Astrologer-recommended sweaters for your zodiac sign

No wardrobe is complete without a few comfortable sweaters, whether you choose a cashmere turtleneck or a vividly colored cardigan.

You need a colorful cowl neck sweater to show off your energy and drive. The playful silhouette and timeless style will make you feel ready for any event.


Tauruses prioritize comfort and quality above trends. You'll save up to buy high-end products you'll adore instead of off-brand or inexpensive versions.


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Geminis are exuberant. You prefer to mix and match elements to create ensembles that will spark attention at your numerous social events.


A traditional wool sweater will complement your collection since you love soft fabrics and shapes. 


Thus, wear a bright, bulky sweater. It draws emphasis to your outfit without adding accessories. This sweater is bold but not obnoxious.


Virgos have classic taste. You're picky because you're detail-oriented. Because of your hectic lifestyle, you choose a simple, elegant closet.


Libras are socialites. You don't mind investing on big-ticket products if they suit you, especially if they can mix work and leisure.


We suggest a black turtleneck. This sweater seems plain, but its snug fit and flattering silhouette make it versatile. 


Pom-pom sweaters are robust and warm, so they can withstand the elements and your busy lifestyle. Its quirky style will make you stand out in Instagram shots.


A crewneck sweater is a must-have. Wear it solo on a date or with a button-down shirt at work. Just way you like it.


Your style is crazy because Aquarians are unique and funny. You blend colorful patterns and put your own touch on fashion trends.


Your style is your canvas, Pisces. Your dreamy style matches your loving attitude. Irish fishermen's wives fashioned the fisherman sweater from Irish wool.