Ex Is Thinking Of Them On May 26, 2023

We're reliving events from the past and going over the stuff that made us who and what we are today. If we've come this far, we know we likely didn't do it alone

Today, during the Virgo Moon, we will go through old photos and gather mementos; we will treat the past with reverence

Today is the day we know that someone from our past is thinking of us because, during the Virgo Moon, an old ex is about to express new interest in us

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They're good prAs it goes, the Virgo Moon will put all of this together and help us figure out what's happening here.oblem-solvers, so they don't become confused in confusing situations.

The Moon is in the right place for someone to be influenced by it, and that influence will manifest as your old ex thinks heavily about you today, May 26

You could have guessed that your ex is thinking about you today because they never really stop thinking about you and let you know this almost every day

Your ex is thinking about you today, during the Virgo Moon, and as a Virgo yourself, you might get a laugh out of the deal. It's not that you mind them thinking about you