Evil Psychology Hacks That Could Mess Up Your Head

Give goods while conversing. Everyday objects. Reddit users can deceive opponents or receive free lunches.

Donate goods

 Never blink

This Reddit user's tip was the best: "humans naturally try to feed off one another verbally in conversation.

Be liked

If you know someone doesn't like you, "I'll ask them to do simple favors for me, like passing me a drink from a table or doing a small,

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Use "personally"

This Redditor said, "I just want you to know I personally have no problem with you being at this party."

Confirm their biggest fears

"Everything people say about you is true." This simple phrase will make a person feel uneasy and stop their rage.

Silence awkwardly

Silence unnerves. In-person and over-the-phone, this works well. One Reddit user said, "It makes people second guess everything, start confessing the stupid things they did that led us to this moment

Face the forehead

Instead of staring directly, glance "just between and slightly above the eye-line." This approach was revealed on Reddit.

 Accept disagreement

Agreeing makes someone very uncomfortable. "Hey, you're really ugly," "yep." I know."

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