Every zodiac sign's worst behaviors

Swearing is a problem for Aries because they want to communicate with emphasis.

Interestingly, Leos come off as the most confident of the signs, but their bad habits mostly involve insecurity and jealousy.

On a personal level, Sagittarius can have a habit of saying what they don’t mean, which can lead to broken promises.

Air signs are intellectual, curious, and deeply social, but they can be hard to pin down and establish deeper connections with.

Geminis love to gossip, which can be great for their storytelling skills but harmful to their social circles.

Libras love to please, which isn’t always a bad thing, but can lead to bad habits when it comes to trying to impress others.

The Aquarius is always up-to-date on the goings on of the world, spending far too much time online or watching the news, to a degree that becomes harmful to themselves.

Passionate, imaginative, and emotional, the water signs are intuitive and observant, but don’t often process their perceptions well. They’re known to be moodier, escapist, and stagnant.