Every Zodiac Sign's Love Forecast for April 26, 2023

Today, you feel emotionally connected and close to your significant other. You are introspective and reflective.

Make time for yourself in relationships and outside of them. Today, your priorities may shift slightly as you eliminate

Communication is vital to a healthy relationship, but during Mercury's retrograde phase, you may feel unclear about your thoughts and feelings.

Cancer, listen to your emotions. Your mind can perform a game with you by convincing you to be afraid or that love makes no sense.

Leo, make time for recreation. There is place for creativity and fun in your romantic relationships.

Virgo, take care of yourself. There is no sense in exceeding your limits in an effort to make someone else happy if it makes you miserable.

Everything is equal in love and strife, correct, Libra? You have an intense desire to treat others as you would want to be treated.

Your intensity today may set you apart from other potential partners. Singles stand out in dating.