Every Major Chain's Unhealthiest Ice Cream

you're grabbing some ice cream from a parlor or picking up a pint to stick in your freezer, ice cream always sounds like a delectable treat.

There are numerous options to choose from, ranging from original flavors to combinations of ingredients and garnishes.

Not all ice desserts were created equal, however. Some are healthier for you, while others (despite their delicious flavor) you should avoid.

This Baskin Robbins ice cream flavor allows you to have your cake and enjoy it, too. However, you would be better off with a birthday cake.

Chocolate and hazelnut may create the ideal flavor storm, but this Carvel ice cream is more harmful than beneficial.

Anything containing Oreos may be enticing, but it contains nearly as many calories as many petite women need for the entire day.

Dippin' Dots may not be conventional. This chilled treat is created by flash-freezing ice cream mixture in liquid nitrogen.

If you enjoy the crunchy, creamy, and sugary combination, be aware that the cone contains more than a third of your daily calories.