Summer is updo and top knot season, so girls of all hair lengths will want to wear their hair up. 

Mid-length hair

 If so, a simple twisted mid-bun is best. It's fast, simple, and hassle-free.

Waist-length hair

If you have time, a top knot is fun. This long hair criss-cross top knot is excellent for summer.

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Long bobs

If so, try a short, tousled low summer bun like this. Add texture for a "just-out-of-bed" vibe.

Short, textured hair

A tidy bun won't work for hair with plenty of natural texture and layers. Instead, embrace the texture with an effortless, sloppy bun.

Bobs Bobs

This half-up bun is charming and breezy for your summer bob. Messy space buns work too!

Top knot

This easy hairdo is perfect for casual outings. Use hairspray to keep your top in place.

Modern chignon

This trendy hair bun takes one minute. After tying it, twist the remaining hair into a tight knot for a nice, casual athleisure haircut.

Double bun

The double bun athleisure hairstyle is perfect for messy hair haters.

Big ponytail

This haircut suits minimalists. For volume, tease your hair back.

Braided ponytail

Easy ponytail braid. Start with any ponytail height. Band the ponytail and braid to the finish.