Easy ways to lower blood pressure

lower blood pressure

It kills 10 million people worldwide. Causes 60% of strokes and 50% of heart disease.

Salt harms blood pressure. It causes your body to accumulate water, which elevates your blood pressure and damages your arteries.

Avoid takeout

Cooking by scratch can help you lose weight by reducing salt intake and increasing vegetable intake.

Discard stock cubes

Increase potassium while reducing sodium. Potassium intake increases urine sodium loss.

Have a banana

Brisk exercise such as swimming, cycling, tennis, and dance reduce blood pressure - Getty

Kitchen dance.

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Stress raises blood pressure temporarily. Thus, meditation, along with diet and exercise, can lower blood pressure.

Breathe deeply

Take six deep breaths in 30 seconds, repeating as needed. Take equal-length nasal breathes, resting at the highest point and bottom.

Try breathing exercises

Alcohol can raise blood pressure over time. Sugar in alcohol can increase body fat and blood pressure.

Diaphragmatic breathing

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