Doing This Exercise for Just 5 Minutes a Day

– New research says doing short bouts of plyometric exercises, like hops, can help improve running economy.

Plyometric exercises

– Researchers also say runners can safely practice five minutes of plyometrics each day without developing overuse injuries.

Running performance

If you’re looking to improve your running performance, then it’s best to hop to it, according to new research.

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High-impact training

Runners of all different training levels practice this form of high-impact training, not just the elites, “therefore, we wanted to know if one of the frequently used interventions.

When hopping, runners were instructed to stand with both feet no more than hip-width apart, and to hop as high as possible using both legs.

one runner reported an injury (shin pain), so researchers concluded that runners can safely implement a daily plyometric training regime of five minutes over the course of six weeks without developing overuse injuries.

Carbon dioxide exhalation

participants showed changes in oxygen uptake and carbon dioxide exhalation, researchers concluded that the plyometric exercise could improve running economy, said Engeroff.

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