Dark Times of the Zodiac Signs

The restless Gemini seeks answers to unasked questions. Geminis' lack of ideas indicates a profound emotional hurt.

Gemini in Darker Shades:

Cancer need water. Always tears and sweat. Cancerian tears and sweat indicate life. 

Cancer in Darker Shades:

Zodiac rulers. They feel their heavenly royal heritage more than any sign. They may have a serious problem if they lose confidence and seem humble.

Leo in Darker Shades

Virgos prefer order and efficiency. Their morning baths and minty fresh smell identify them.

Virgo in Darker Shades

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Diplomacy, beauty, and harmony characterize them. They comprehend society and how to behave in public.

Libra in Darker Shades

Scorpio's power. They may always seek power, but they feel secure since they followed their instincts so closely. 

Scorpio in Darker Shades

Most typical mother. Protective and loving. Her children and spouse seek a utopia at home. She's resilient.

Aquarius in Darker Shades

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