Daily Love Horoscope For April 25, 2023


Family is so important to you, Aries, you want to make sure everyone feels loved and cherished. Today enhances a strong connection with your family.


Talk openly, Taurus, and don't be afraid to speak your mind. You have a lot of important things to say, and your partner is ready to hear them.

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Money can be a serious subject you need to talk about with your partner or a person whom you are dating.



It takes time to get over someone you loved so much, Cancer. During Mercury retrograde, you may be harboring harsh feelings about an ex whom you've not forgiven for breaking your heart.


Love finds you where you are, and it's not always in a place that you would expect. Today, you may find love at work or in a friendship.

Meet someone at work? It may feel like a conflict to fall in love with your coworker, boss — or client. The heart knows what it wants.


Your dream is to fall in love with your twin flame, or someone who feels like a soulmate. Today, you may find your soulmate and they could be someone you already know.


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