Daily Astrology: April 29, 2023 

ARIES : Someone close may want you to share their moneymaking ideas and material security goals.

TAURUS : Basement bargains may not exist. Estate sales and internet auctions may have the ideal item. Perfect your trading instincts.

GEMINI : You may be inspired to advance your career. Family activities may require a shift in focus if loved ones feel neglected.

Cancer : You may not require frequent reassurance. Since they may be busy, don't compete for someone's attention at the wrong time.

LEO : Give to get. Everyone may treat you better than normal. You may be seeing your own laid-back, compassionate nature in their looks.

VIRGO : Communicate thoughtfully. Avoid making a sudden change of mind or impulsive decision a problem. Your insight can avoid a rift.

LIBRA : A true buddy will repay a book, tool, or money loan. A non-financial person may not need to see your skills.

Sagittarius : Since you're busy, someone else's strategic plans may surprise you. You can follow a partner's program if you grasp their success vision.