Chronic pain's economic impact

Many individuals have chronic pain that affects their quality of life. These patients must control their illness to reduce suffering. 

Pain has a greater economic impact than most other health conditions because it affects absenteeism, productivity, and job turnover.

Chronic pain: a major clinical, social, and economic issue? We find that global pain cannot be ignored. 

One-third of the world's population suffers daily pain, including the elderly. One-fifth of chronic pain sufferers are under 30.

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Despite the prevalence of pain, there continues to be this inertia for treating pain stigma and expressing it.

 explains Tess Player, Global Head of Health Professional & Health Influencer Marketing at Haleon.

Pain can keep people from enjoying life and socializing, according to Haleon's studies. Pain impacts mood. It impairs daily life and work productivity.

This pressures employers, which raises productivity expenses.

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