Cancer Season 2023 Improves Friendships

Typically, you're all about spontaneously setting off, hitting the road, engaging in a super-challenging exercise, or signing up for a half-marathon with your friends.

Cancer season is all about accumulating information for you, Taurus, as the sun transits your third house of communication.

As the sun transits Gemini's second house of income during the Cancer season, your attention is drawn to your bank account. 

With the sun traveling through your first house of self, you may be poised to make significant power moves to advance your long-term goals.

Due to the sun's position in Capricorn, this may be a more sedate season for you, Leo, despite your typically active nature.

Prepare to be more outgoing, Virgo. Although Gemini season tends to focus you on your professional aspirations

Cancer season is all about leaving your comfort zone, Scorpio, which can be both exhilarating and utterly terrifying for a creature of habit like you.

As a free-spirited adventurer, you'd rather take action than swim in your feelings, especially the deepest ones.