Birth Flower Meanings

Carnations, a January flower, love chilly temperatures and have different colors and meanings.

Violets come in purple, yellow, blue, and cream colors. Violets symbolize modesty, humility, and loyalty.

Daffodils blossom early in spring, symbolizing rebirth and fresh beginnings. They're also regional. Wales and China believe they bring wealth.

A Scotsman discovered gerbera daises in South Africa in the late 1800s and brought them to Europe. They represent purity, love, and new beginnings.

May's birth flower is lily of the valley. Bell-shaped heads symbolize kindness, motherhood, and humility.

Red roses are the most romantic flowers, but you may not know that other colors have unique connotations.

Today, the gladiolus symbolizes strength, integrity, and memory. Victorians equated it with infatuation.

Asters are named after "star" in Greek because of their star-like appearance. They symbolize love, wisdom, and faith, and Claude Monet