Best Synastry Aspects For Marriage

1. Moon trine Moon

Most astrologers agree this is a potent placement since the Moon is the driving force behind any lasting relationships.

2. Sun conjunct Moon

A classic placement that is also popular with astrologers. Sun and Moon come together in this synastry match to expose us and reveal our true selves to our partners.

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With this placement, the couple can experience good chemistry. Sparks fly when this match is in a synastry chart because Mars and Venus are opposites that attract.

3. Mars trine Venus

4. Sun in the 7th house

A place where the Sun can shine freely without it being judged. Sun in the seventh can help both parties feel understood.

5. Moon in the 1st house

The Moon brings calm, serenity, and clarity. When it's located in the first house, it can help create a powerful emotional bond between both parties.

A wildcard and quite the controversial placement but Venus in the 8th can help bring healing to a couple in a relationship.

6. Venus in the 8th house

A wonderful aspect of a synastry connection and a marriage. It serves as a foundation for marriage because having the comfort to communicate with someone is essential to building trust.

7. Mercury trine Mercury

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