Astrology's Intellectual Compatibility

Sagittarius and Leo bring out the adventurer in Aries. However, Jupiter in Sagittarius seems to unlock a world that can align them with their dreams.

As an earth element, their best matches are with either Jupiter in Capricorn or Virgo.

Communication is essential for Jupiter in Gemini native. This is why Libra and Aquarius Jupiter signs can help to fuel their curious nature

Although they make a great connection with Scorpio or Pisces, the latter brings expansion in a much more fulfilling way.

Trust Jupiter in Aries to teach Leo how to see the world with new colors and perspective. Both of them are in the fire element,

Jupiter in Taurus brings the Virgo Jupiter a more imaginative learning style. They make the natives reveal their creative side

Jupiter in Gemini brings out the playful and carefree side of Libra. When their worlds collide

Mutually, there is a lot of respect and camaraderie between Jupiter in Scorpio and Jupiter in Cancer natives.