Astrology Predicts Breakups

 Uranus aspecting or transiting the 7th house ruler.

Uranus wants to change things. This transit might make your relationship more interesting or not. Uranus urges us to adjust to the unexpected.

Mars, Saturn, or Pluto square,

Venus's influence on relationships might make us overlook Juno's. However, Juno is engaged when we commit and establish serious partnerships.

Full Moon in natal 5th house

Full Moons provide closure and introspection. When the transit occurs in the fifth house of romance, both partners may feel distant.

Lunar nodes traversing the natal 7th house

Activating the Lunar Nodes rejuvenates the native's dwelling. The North or South Node transiting here might shock. Eclipses cause change.

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Saturn's 2nd house transit

The second house reflects our values, therefore this transit may affect finances and career. Transiting Saturn will compel us to leave an unproductive partnership.

 Pluto square Sun

Pluto transits will reshape our lives. This transit brings relational alterations. Pluto makes us stand up for ourselves. The transportation forces us to leave unhealthy connections.

Neptune squaring Venus

Transit has pros and cons. We may fall madly in love because we don't notice what's there. Neptune makes us justify our lover's defects.

Transiting Saturn square

Saturn will make Moon natives retreat or study their sentiments, making this transit lonely. To avoid feeling alone, we should be mindful of our feelings and talk to our companions.

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