Astrology predicts August 2023's most chaotic month.

We started August strong with Venus retrograde in Leo, the sign of glamour.

Retrograde Venus in Leo

Full moon Aquarius

Aquarius, opposite Leo on the zodiac wheel, received its first "supermoon" on the first of the month.

On August 1, the planet of action and violence entered hardworking Virgo, offering us a glimpse of our obligations.

Virgo Mars


The Greek term "cazimi" means "in the heart."

Leo-Sun-Venus Cazimi

New moon in Leo

It takes time, but you can have it all.

On August 16, spectacular new beginnings in creativity, children, romance, and entertainment are possible.

Mercury retrograde Virgo

Mercury retrogrades twice a year, affecting Mercury-ruled Virgos and Geminis the most.