Astrological Positions to Become "The Other Woman"

Venus conjunct Pluto, Venus square Pluto, or Venus opposite Pluto in your birth chart greatly increases your chances of being the other lady.

Venus-Pluto connections cause fatalistic attraction to unavailable or powerful persons.

These indigenous may intuitively know that such a dalliance will end in disaster, but they nonetheless get lured in.

Venus-Pluto persons are compulsive romantics. Sometimes people think they've found a soulmate.

 having Lilith in your first house of expression can give others the impression that you're incredibly sexual but won't stick around. 

Lilith may not realize this! However, we don't deliberately project in the first house. It's innate.

Lilith conjunct the Ascendant accentuates this. Lilith's edgy and enticing energy is immediately noticeable. 

So, either people are angry (since Lilith's "main character" vibe pricks some people's vulnerabilities) or they're so interested they forget where they are and if it's suitable.

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