Astrologers' Worst Sign

Cancer has a reputation for being overly emotional, and if you find them on an off day, you may observe this behavior. 

They are also governed by the moon, so mood fluctuations are a common occurrence.

Virgo can only tolerate absolute perfection. They despise being incorrect and will do anything to prove that their method is the best.

Valentine's Day is intended to elevate your typical date night, despite the fact that crabs typically prefer to spend the evening at home

As a sign ruled by the sun, Leos are joyful, welcoming, and creative. This zodiac sign responds positively to creative and considerate date suggestions.

They always know precisely what they want, and if that requires putting others down, so be it.

Scorpio, who is frequently described as intense and enigmatic, will be the one with dark clouds hovering over their head.

Gemini may have good intentions, but they are highly unpredictable. Bennet states, "Because of their duality