Astrologers say these tattoos would suit your personality

Self-expression is life. Your style, job, and music taste reveal a lot about you. Tattooing is a timeless method of self-expression. 

To show you're not afraid to take risks, you may desire a huge, bold tattoo on a conspicuous portion of your body, such an artistic or colorful full-arm sleeve.


Taurus, you don't get tattoos without preparation. Despite your stubbornness, you're a romantic. You're sensuous and charming, ruled by Venus, the planet of love and beauty.


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You acquire tattoos on a whim because you're always hunting for the next excitement. Line art forms remind you of your exuberant, whimsical personality, therefore you like them.


Cancer is the zodiac's crab, but you may celebrate your sign without having a crab tattoo. You're gloomy, but you're also passionately protective and passionate.


Tattooing isn't subtle. As the most outgoing zodiac sign, your swagger attracts attention.


Virgo, like Taurus and Capricorn, thinks before acting. You won't go to a tattoo parlor until you know what you want.


You want innovative tattoos, not fashionable ones. Venus, the planet of romance and aesthetics, rules your sign, therefore everything should be beautiful and balanced.


Scorpio adores tattoos. As you develop, you're comfortable with change. Tattoos are your life stories.


As a changeable fire sign, you chase your hobbies on a whim to see and do as much as possible. Archery tattoos are popular since your sign is the archer in astrology. 


Capricorn, you don't boast. You work hard but don't brag. Tattoos too. You're more likely to get a single, well-designed tattoo that makes a statement than other signs who get numerous.


As an air sign, you desire something significant and motivating, yet as the zodiac sign ruled by rebellious and unpredictable Uranus, you want something unexpected.


You're a hopeless romantic changeable water sign. Your tattoos are fanciful and dreamy. Watercolor tattoos seem like living art. You like ocean and sea life designs.