Astrologer's Most Tech-Savvy Zodiac Signs

Everyone has a buddy who always gets the latest iPhone model or iOS update so they can use the latest features and emojis.

They may love technology because they work in tech or because of their solar sign.

If you're always looking for the next best app, gadget, or tablet, astrologer Catherine Gerdes suggests checking your birth chart.


Gerdes says Geminis are "all about their smart devices" because they're the zodiac's communicators.

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"Notorious multitaskers, [Geminis] are the ones with multiple sites open or devices in use.


As the sign of "status and power," Capricorn makes the list because, according to Gerdes, the sign is always seeking the newest technology.

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“Give them the latest sleek or streamlined version of something, and they're magnetized to it,”

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You cannot have a list of the most tech-savvy zodiac signs without including Aquarius, which is associated with technological progress.


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