Astrologers' Most Romantic Sign

You know someone who loves to embrace. They'll show love and devotion via touch. Naturally, they have no problem with PDA and call their partner all the gushy pet names in public.


Leo loves attention. They appreciate tenderness and touchy-feely encounters. They're loving, but if you don't feed their ego, they'll grow possessive and jealous.


Cancer cares. They desire and need to help others. They're sensitive water signs controlled by the Moon, which symbolizes emotions, thus they wear their hearts on their sleeves.


Venus, the planet of love, rules Taurus, therefore they're naturally romantic. They're  romantic. Fixed earth signs cherish stability and will do whatever to make their partnerships succeed. 


Libra needs love like air. Like Taurus, these harmonizers are Venus-ruled and naturally romantic. Libra values equilibrium in relationships.

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Sagittarius love to explore new things and have big personalities.  They'll always let their spouse know they're loved, even when they have commitment concerns.


Pisces are the most romantic zodiac sign since they're daydreamers, passionate, and empathetic. Neptune, the planet of dreams, creativity, and spirituality, rules them.