Astrologer's Liest Zodiac Sign

Detecting deception can be difficult. You may be charmed, kind, or unaware. You don't want to think someone you just met, let alone a loved one, is lying. 

Tauruses lie the least. They are also more likely to stick to their tale. To confront them, bring receipts.


Like Taurus, you want to be ready for a lying Scorpio. "Their watering influence gives them the ability to tell people exactly what they want to hear," adds Ash. 


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Cancers, the caring crabs, may use their traits to their advantage. "Nobody spins a sob story like Cancer," Ash says.


Leos love to brag. Their theatrical flare helps them convey stories. The arrogant Leo, ruled by the creative fifth house and driven by fixed fire energy.


Don't believe Virgo. Ash claims that Virgo, the earth sign, is the finest liar on this list. "Virgos' attention to detail and quick thinking set them apart," she says.


Gemini lies most. Geminis are known for their duplicity. Since Mercury rules communication and intellect, Geminis "are blessed with the gift of gab."