Astrologers explain how these candle scents bring out your zodiac aura

Houseplants or fresh flowers, neutrals or bright colors—everyone has home décor preferences. Even a candle may have too many possibilities.


Fire sign energy provides you courage to pursue your ambitions and worry about the specifics afterwards. Mars, the planet of passion and drive, rules your energies. 


Taurus loves luxury, therefore your home décor is too. However, your earthiness refines your style. You indulge as a Venus-ruled sign. 

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Geminis adore chaos. You're the zodiac's social butterfly, always on the go. You have an open mind because you were born beneath the twins.


Water signs radiate comfort. Atlas says a candle smelling like fresh washing is excellent for homey thoughts.


Your style is bold like the zodiac's fire sign. You're more than a showoff. You're loyal and enthusiastic. You need an upbeat, energetic candle smell.


"Virgo, you need a candle you can light at the end of the day to help you take the edge off," Atlas says, alluding to your sometimes-demanding perfectionist habits. 


Charming and humorous, you flourish in social circumstances. You welcome change and see the positive side, unlike other signs.


Scorpio has exquisite taste. You like rich, deep candle scents as a passionate, perceptive water sign.


"Amber, fig, or saffron for a hit of aromatic spice," she says, is perfect. On your next trip, buy this candle to improve it.


Capricorns don't enjoy clutter. You work hard and pride yourself on your maturity and devotion to constructing your dream life. 


Aquarius, the zodiac's oddball. Your curiosity will lead you to exciting and surprising places. You want house decor that sparks conversation.


Pisces, you ponder deeply. As the zodiac's final sign, you feel everyone's energy, making you sensitive to mood changes.