Aries Compatibility In Love, Sex & Relationships

Aries and Aries

Love: Two Aries together, at once, in the same room?


Aries tends to be selfish in the bedroom, meaning there could be an imbalance in the struggle for power and achieving pleasure. Still, satisfaction is a strong possibility.

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Love: At first, Aries might get frustrated with Taurus’ stubbornness. And, quite frankly, Taurus finds Aries’ uncontrollable energy to be a little scary.

Aries and Taurus


While Taurus’ main goal is satisfying themselves and their partner, Aries lacks that same emotion and passion. Each sign is sensual in their own way, but to have a mind-blowing experience.

Aries and Gemini

Sex: Aries and Gemini are two very sexually compatible signs, mostly due to their shared curiosity. Aries may become impatient with Gemini, who thrives on mental stimulation during sex.

An Aries and Gemini couple is great company for a fun night on the town; in private, however, they’re never quite sure how to handle the energy they generate between them.


Love: At first, the Aries and Cancer couple seems totally mismatched — Aries is loud and aggressive, while Cancer is reserved and quiet.

Aries and Cancer

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