April 2023 Health Horoscopes

Full Moon in Libra (April 6): This is the last full moon before eclipse season, so it's a wonderful time to focus on your most potent

This solar eclipse is the first of a series of Aries/Libra lunar and solar eclipses that will occur within the next two years. 

It is also the second consecutive new moon in Aries (the last one occurred on March 21!) Liam Neeson,

This is a potent portal for life transformation and transitioning into your next-level identity.

Mercury Retrograde in Taurus (21 April): This is the first planetary retrograde since the end of January, and it occurs in the zodiac's slowest and most stable sign. 

Mercury encourages us to press the pause button, slow down, and appreciate the roses.

The full moon in Libra is an invitation to celebrate the people who share your existence and are closest to you.

Create a sense of equilibrium between focusing on your individuality and sense of self and elevating those with whom you are in relationship.