According to Your Zodiac Sign your biggest fear

Aries: fear of being stuck

The perception of not being able to gain forward momentum is your biggest fear, Aries, especially as it relates to accomplishing goals.

Taurus: fear of unpredictability

Material security is very important to you, Taurus, as the ruler of the second house of resources. Any threat against that may be terrifying to you.

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you’re bound to fear boredom, curious Gemini. In large part, that’s because you’re a mutable  air sign that takes a cerebral approach to the world.

Gemini: fear of boredom

Cancer: fear of not being needed

Nurturing loved ones and making them feel safe is one of the key ways you derive meaning in life, Cancer.

Leo: fear of not being noticed and admired

Your greatest fear is being perceived as ordinary and not worthy of admiration, Leo. One of your strongest traits is confidence, and your fire-sign energy is what gives you the drive to go after what you want.

Given your meticulous and detail-oriented nature, it may come as no surprise to you that your biggest fear is that of making mistakes, Virgo.

Virgo: fear of making mistakes

As a deeply social being, your biggest fear is likely that of being totally alone, Libra. Yours is a relationship-focused sign, and you derive serious value from both existing among other people and creating balance within those relationships.

Libra: fear of being alone

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