A Wife Is Still Obsessed With Her Husband

This statistic may not surprise anyone who follows such things: Only 35% of marriages endure 25 years.

1. She remains excited about him.

If she still smiles when he calls, misses him on weekends, and woos him, she may still be obsessed with her husband.

The way a wife looks at her spouse indicates her good-natured obsession with him. She makes eye contact and listens intently when they talk.

2.She still looks at him

She seeks out meaningful time with him. She laughs and enjoys him. She wants his touch—sexually, sensually, or tenderly.

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Do wives grasp their husbands' arms when a beautiful woman approaches? Does she approach?

3. She believes he's hers alone.

She touches his body? That's a wife that loves her husband always! They block instantly and unconsciously.

Small kindness and lovely gestures surprise. When he works hard, she delivers coffee. She unexpectedly hugs you.

4. She likes surprising him with little things.

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