A 'Rough Month' For 3 Zodiac Signs

1. Cancer

While being overly sensitive is not going to serve your purposes this month, Cancer, you may resort to your old tricks, thinking that will still work for you.


This means being stubborn in the face of a challenge that requires action, or intentionally removing yourself from a responsibility that demands your presence.

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Jupiter in Pluto is going to have you thinking the worst of yourself, as you seem to have dug out some old wound and now all you can think about is how you created it.

2. Scorpio


Of particularly bothersome events, the New Moon in Taurus will be taken personally by you, and you may be so down on yourself that you feel you don't deserve to dream big.

3. Capricorn

What bugs you the most during May is that everyone around you seems so carefree and happy, and here you are, feeling down in the dumps about your love life.

You feel sorry for yourself, but you don't share this with anyone as you don't want to get attention for being miserable.


our inability to express yourself doesn't abate after Mercury goes direct, in fact, you use that Taurus energy to dig yourself an even deeper hole.


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