9 Tips for Meditating for Overthinker

Choosing a regular time of day is a simple step toward training your brain that it’s time to chill.

A consistent schedule

Consider curating a space in your home just for meditation. It doesn’t have to be big.

A meditative space

Meditation may feel like a highly personal act, but there’s surprising strength in numbers.

Meditate with others

Meditating virtually simply means incorporating immersive technology into your practice.

Meditate virtually

Don’t close that YouTube app just yet! Pre-recorded guided meditations might be the overthinker’s gateway to contemplative success.

Meditate to a recording

Coordinating your inhales and exhales to physical movements actually has measurable effects on your mental focus.

Do some yoga first

Controlled breathwork is a secret weapon for stilling the mind.

some breathwork

Music makes just about everything better, and meditation is no exception.

Add music