8 Texts To Never Send Your Man

1."Why are you mad at me?" 

You can't resolve his anger over text. Sending or responding to this type of communication will likely make one or both of you angrier.

2. "Why don't you reply?"

Sending SMS that aren't responded makes you feel more uneasy, worried, and annoyed. Don't text obsessively when your date doesn't respond.

3."I saw that picture you posted online."

This type of communication is mostly sent by teens, although some 20-somethings do too.

4. "Finished. Relationship over" 

No matter what she or she did or how much you want to break up, don't do it by text. We're not objects, thus we shouldn't text folks away like trash.

5. "Where were you last night? 

First, don't distrust and assume. Always assume your date had an emergency. Instead, type: "Hope you're okay.

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6. "Never again" 

If you respond so strongly, you're probably acting impulsively and may alter your mind. You shouldn't text about extreme emotions, especially rage.

7. "I don’t like you hanging out with so-and-so" 

I'd like to think that only teens experiencing love for the first time would write this kind of jealous, angry text.

8. "Send something sexy" 

Don't ask your boyfriend to submit an image that could haunt him if you care about him.

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