8 Simple Traits Of Relationships

With this commitment, you value and respect the person you are with, taking them and your commitment seriously.

1. A desire to commit to the partnership

2. Good communication skills

You are both good listeners and seek to understand each other, getting beyond the words by asking questions for clarity and understanding.

3. The willingness and commitment

You honor and support the imperfect person perfectly through understanding, acceptance, compassion, and forgiveness.

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4. A commitment to the practice of deeper intimacy

You understand the importance of vulnerability and know that without vulnerability, trust and real intimacy are difficult to attain and sustain.

5. Freedom from the need to 'fix’ or 'condemn' your partner

If you need to “fix” your partner, you are likely being a “rescuer” and thus avoiding yourself and your own insecurities and struggles with self-love.

6. A healthy balance of 'us' time and 'me' time

It’s not about smothering or just being “roommates.” It means we desire and enjoy spending time with each other.

7. Confidence that each partner has the other's back when needed

When you or your partner is in need of aid or assistance, the other will be there as best they can, physically and/or emotionally.

8. Freely-shared appreciation

You also value the importance of physical touch, as a way of showing affection and keeping our connection alive; through hugs, holding hands and cuddling, etc.

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