7 Ways Women's Bodies Change As We Age

1. Your body shape may change.

This is totally normal. The toughest part of this, for me, is that I have to learn how to dress myself comfortably (and cutely) every time my body shape shifts.

2. Your hair and eyebrows may get thinner.

You can use products to lessen this effect, but if you notice it and your doctor thinks it's just natural aging, please know this is very common!

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Things get loose. Yes, you can get ripped and try to lose weight, but your arms won't look like they did when you were 22 and that is perfectly OK.

3. The skin and flesh under your arms may droop.

4. Your belly skin will likely change a lot.

This is especially true if your abdomen has grown a lot while pregnant, which has led people to reclaim the beauty of their post-pregnancy stretch marks and belly rolls — which I love!

5. Your belly may fold or roll differently.

I dont know why this happens, but it's something more than just gaining weight or getting wrinkles. No doubt it has to do with collagen and muscle mass and hormones, like everything else.

You can get them lifted or enhanced with plastic surgery, and if that's meaningful to you, do it.

6. Your boobs might droop or sag.

It has to do with hormones, skin elasticity, changes in adipose tissue and connective tissues, but the most important thing to remember is that it's natural to not look as "cut" as we get older.

7. You'll likely lose muscle definition.

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