7 Things Guys Thought They Wanted In A Woman

Eventually, Chad ended up breaking up with me saying that he wanted a girl who was more popular. Recently, I ran into him. He was doing fine for himself.

“I used to want a girl who looked just like everyone else and just followed trends, but my god, they’re boring. It’s strange.

1. A woman who followed trends

“Back when I was in high school, I really used to care about having a girl who was traditional. Nowadays, I’m realizing that traditional girls are actually really difficult to date.

2. A traditional woman

“I used to want a girl who was into anime. As I got older, I got less interested in it and eventually, it stopped being something that I wanted to find.

3. A woman who loved anime

“For the longest time, I used to insist on dating girls who were either virgins or close to it. After I had sex with a girl who was more experienced than I was.

4. A virgin

“I always was in relationships with girls who were insecure, perhaps because I was insecure myself.

5. An insecure woman

“My Achilles’ heel, for a minute, was the rebellious girl who had a super-exciting life. Once I dated one, I realized how exhausting that really is.

6. A rebellious woman

“Up until around age 32, I really thought I wanted a woman who wanted kids. One pregnancy scare and five years later, I realized I’m majorly childfree.

7. A woman who wanted kids