7 Steps To Become A Benevolent

Put simply, a white witch is someone who partakes in witchcraft and the use of white magic.

What is a white witch?

What is a white witch?

White magic and witchcraft adhere to the Wiccan belief system, and these are all a part of a larger, contemporary, pagan movement.

What is a white witch?

White magic is thought to be one of the original practices of witchcraft, basing its energy on healing and higher good for all.

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You might be a white witch if you:

– Are opening up to your spiritual powers – Feel called to help others

– Are an introvert – Have positive energy – Have vivid dreams

Abate your curiosity.

To become a white witch, one must know how to become a witch in the first place. Start reading up on Wicca, Wiccan beliefs, and witchcraft.

Keep a journal for notes and spells.

There is going to be a lot to keep track of, so keep your own journal and start taking notes.

Embark on your crystal healing journey.

White witches rely heavily on healing crystals in order to perform their spells and rituals, so figure out which crystals you'll need in order to achieve your goals.

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