7 Spiritual Hacks For Finding Peace

1. Close your eyes.

When we close our eyes, we reduce the visual stimuli that can be contributing to our need for stillness.

2. Take a quick walk.

Taking yourself away from where you were feeling the need for stillness will shift your energy and perspective. Our physical body is the best divining rod that we have.

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Begin by intending that the stillness is IN the water. Intentionality is a powerful spiritual hack as highlighted in the work of Lynne McTaggart, The Intention Experiment.

3. Consciously drink a glass of water.

4. Breathe.

Focusing on our breath and moving through different breath exercises will induce stillness and calm in our mind and body.  Start with what is called ‘box breathing.'

5. Visioning.

We are all more still when we find ourselves in our ‘happy places.' Create a happy place in your mind. It may be the beach, sitting atop a mountain, being enveloped in the sights and scents of a garden.

List or state aloud five things that you are grateful for. Feel into each of these as you list them and allow your body and feelings to get involved.

6. Gratitude list.

Either think, write or state aloud that you are calling on your divine support team to wrap you in a blanket of stillness.

7. Call in support.

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