7 Reasons Why Men Like 'Orbiters' More Than Women

One thing that never ceases to amaze me is how often guys think that women like having guys constantly floating around them, acting nice, in hopes that sex drops out.

When girls get guys who loiter around them in hopes of having sex, they get called “sl*ts,” “teases,” and other not-so-nice names.

1. It boosts their player status

Statistically, women are way more likely to get killed or raped by a stalker than guys are. Unstable people who orbit can turn into stalkers, and by the numbers.

2. Guys typically don’t have to deal with the dangerous

Then again, this is true with both men and women. When someone’s strung along, we see it as validation.

3. Some guys use it as an ego boost

Guys, more than girls, seem to have a thing for sex that comes with no attachment. Girls who are desperate enough to just “orbit” a guy will usually accept being a fling and nothing more.

4. When a guy has orbiters

This can also be said for women. The difference is that girls often will find that doing a jealousy ploy will fail, while guys will find out that it will work out for them!

5. Or, they will use them as a way to make the girl

From my personal experience, I find that a lot of guys only will commit to a girl when they no longer find being single to be fun.

6. Guys are more likely to use orbiters

If you’re female, you already have had at least one or two thirsty messages from men who just did not get the hint. Not all men can say they’ve had a girl who hasn’t taken no for an answer.

7. Most male orbiters will creep on girls