7 Harsh Signs He's Not Into You Anymore

1. He stops being appreciative of things

Gratitude, I’ve found, is often the glue that keeps people together. If your partner no longer shows gratitude, they’re taking you for granted, and that’s never a good sign.

2. His enthusiasm for anything to do with you

He used to be totally into going to movies and carnivals with you, but no longer. If you feel like you have to constantly talk up anything with him, it’s a sign he’s checked out.

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A man who is romantically interested in you will go through hell to make you happy.

3. You noticed that he stopped doing things

4. He suddenly became really hard to reach

Does it seem like it takes more and more effort to get in touch with him? When guys lose interest, they tend to disappear pretty quickly.

5. He’s no longer inviting you places

This behavior often signifies that he’s trying to “fade you out” of his life. That way, people won’t make too many comments about you not being around post-breakup.

A lot of guys will try to subtly-not-subtly break the news that the relationship has an expiration date by talking about plans in the future that don’t include you.

6. He makes a point of talking

A good rule of thumb to follow is that you should never spend time with people who you literally have to “sell” yourself to.

7. You feel like you have to convince

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