7 Guys Reveal What Kind Of Woman

1. She acts sloppy drunk

“I don’t want to be anywhere near the girl who’s exaggerating her behavior to show how much fun she’s having, nor do I want to be near a girl who’s sloppily drunk.”

2. She gives off bad vibes

“Bad vibes, man. I will not go NEAR a girl who has bad vibes.”

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“Extreme rudeness and unattractiveness.” —Tank

3. She's rude

4. She just wants free drinks

“You know how, at a bar, there’s always a group of girls and one of them is only there to drink until she’s drunk enough that she’ll make out with anybody?

5. She'll flirt with anyone

“She doesn't discriminate.” —DJ

“Girls I avoid are really just ones I know to be a problem. Personally, I dislike ignorance. When a person comes up to me speaking stupidly, they lose points.”

6. She isn't intelligent

“Any girl who is mean to my female friends is automatically off the list. Like, why would I invite that kind of drama into my life?” —T.

7. She's mean to her friends

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