6 Strange Signs Of Dementia That Are Less Obvious

When Robin Williams died, we were introduced to Lewy body dementia, a form of dementia mainly related to thinking, memory, and movement.

Willis, whose career evolved from light comedy in the 1980s television series Moonlighting to action hero, has stayed out of the public eye as his symptoms have progressed.

1. Failing to recognize sarcasm and spot a liar.

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Frequent falling could be an early signal of Alzheimer’s disease, according to a study published in October 2021 in the journal Frontiers in Neuroscience.

2. Falling more frequently

Some people with dementia lose their sense of social norms. Surprising dementia symptoms can include shoplifting, breaking into someone’s house.

3. Disregarding the law

When a person loses the ability to move their eyes normally, it’s known as “reduced gaze.” We move our eyes frequently and track objects without even knowing we’re doing it.

4. ‘Reduced gaze’ and trouble reading.

People with dementia will sometimes eat nonfood objects or foods that are rancid or spoiled.

5. Eating rancid food and nonfood objects.

Searching for the right word is fairly common. But forgetting not just the names of objects, but what they’re used for, is an early dementia symptom.

6. Not understanding what objects are used for.

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