6 Steps to a Transformative Employee Volunteering Program

Employee volunteering

Employee volunteering programs today face a paradox: employees want to volunteer, but when given the opportunity, most don’t.

1. Democratize the experience

Creating a meaningful experience for employees starts with giving them ownership over the process.

2. Reduce the anxiety

It’s almost impossible to have a transformative experience if you’re worried about logistics.

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What separates a transformative volunteering experience from a transactional one isn’t the activity itself, but the framework built around the activity.

3. Make time for dialogue

4. Explain the “why”

When it comes to fostering transformation, the “what” of volunteering is much less important than the “why”. It doesn’t matter if participants are packing boxes

5. Embrace complexity

As you explore thoughts and feelings around volunteering and meaning, remember you’re not trying to give employees an experience that oversimplifies or sanitizes the world.

You don’t have many chances to get your employees excited about volunteering. If they try to get involved and find the process too confusing or frustrating.

6. Choose the right tools

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