5 Zodiacs That Make Great First Dates

Dating is hard or fun. It's unfair that some people are innately wired to date and have natural ability to connect and make people swoon.

Your excitement, playfulness, and love of life make first dates with you fun. You're easygoing and funny, which eliminates first-date awkwardness.


You're outgoing and adore meeting new people. You always have something to say since you have many interests. No awkward silences on your date.


You're expressive, open-minded, and adore meeting people. Your wit and interest put people at ease. You keep the conversation going with your many interests. 


Your charm is unmatched. Your charisma is unique and captivating. You can see into someone's soul and make them feel seen like never before. 


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You're sociable and easygoing. No one else is like you. Your dates like your fresh perspective. You're also smart and have lots to talk about.


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